Welcome to The Most Inspiring Blog in the World – The Morning Tide

Welcome to the world’s most inspiring blog – “The Morning Tide”.

Why is “Morning Tide” considered to be the world’s most inspiring blog by everyone?

The answer to this is very simple. Morning Tide is written with a single aim to motivate and inspire you to your heart’s core. It contains creative poems, articles and quotes to inspire you, all the time. It is a website that provides readers with positive affirmations and uplifting articles and quotes. You too can be part of the Morning Tide community. We would also encourage you to share with your friends or family members who may need some motivation in their lives. Now, let’s talk about Motivation.

Motivation does not come easily. We are all stressed with the work we are doing everyday. Finding ways to improve motivation is important because it helps us to change attitudes, build competencies, be innovative, set goals, grow interests, make plans, develop talents, and raise ways to engage with people around us. In order to improve motivation, one must be able to identify the factors that are hindering it.

Negative Motivation – Negative Motivation is also known as elimination motivation. This happens when you have more things to stop doing than to start doing. Your life seems to be filled with restrictions and boundaries. Start by making a list of all the things in your life that must go away and brainstorm why you feel they are there in the first place.

Negative Expectations – Negative expectations are often related to past experiences, especially when it comes to success or failure.

Now, talking about positivity, let’s talk about Goals. Goals are the stepping stones toward your success door and so in order to achieve them, you need inspiration to keep you chugging along towards them. Not everybody is born a genius and not everyone seeks motivation. Nevertheless, motivation is important because to steward your intent well, you have to be motivated to work towards your goals which makes your dreams become a reality. Not just for your sake, but the sake of everyone as well. By reading Morning Tide daily, let’s strive to change the world by making everyone happy in the smallest things we can do to help others – Reading good and thought-provoking stuff.

There are enough critics in the world and we know that. Legend “Srinidhi Ranganathan” believes that if you want to achieve perfection, you need to stop asking for permission or waiting for inspiration to strike from heaven. This is why motivation is considered a vital element in life because it stops asking questions and aligns you to work towards your goals. The joy at the end of the process is very important as well. It’ll make you happier to walk down the path you have chosen to pursue for your goals or dreams. Just like motivation, inspiration is important too because it boosts your drive and belief in yourself. When you have a vision in mind, then let nothing get in your way to achieve it. It will help you develop an innovative personality and will change your perspective towards life itself. Get carried away by inspiration by reading “The Morning Tide”. You can even donate or support us by clicking the button below to keep “The Morning Tide” running to inspire millions of readers worldwide.

My Ultimate Source of Inspiration

Inspiration is an integral part of the writing process. No matter how much I love writing, there will always be days when I seek inspiration from one muse or another. I get inspiration to write from my own thoughts and feelings, from the reactions of readers to my work, from stories I follow in the news and on social media. Inspiration is everywhere if you take a moment to stop and notice it. 

I also find it helps to read something that has nothing at all with what I’m writing about but that catches my attention. Maybe there’s a passage in the book that pushes me even further into an idea or sticks out because it’s written differently, as if by someone else entirely. 

I also get a lot of inspiration from the music I listen to. If I’m writing about death, a certain song will come on that has a line or two that sticks in my head and drives me even deeper into an idea of what I’m trying to write about. Or else it’s the lyrics, the way someone sings them, or the way their voice flows over the words.

This is something I discovered pretty much accidentally but it has made all the difference in my creative process.

Just like a kid learning to walk or talk, my writing has been a process. I’m sure it’s the same with other writers because my own beginnings were so gradual that I didn’t really notice how they developed until years later when I went back and looked at what I’d written over the years.

I started writing stories in third grade and continued through high school and beyond. I had a lot of trouble with spelling and grammar but managed to get by. I didn’t really start reading books that were beyond the “teen” genre until I went to college. At that point, I became a voracious reader and devoured anything I could find from as many different genres as possible. It was during this period that I began to realize what great writing really is.

I never thought of myself as a creative person but somewhere along the way it finally clicked for me that writing was an area where my own creativity could be allowed to shine. I never knew anything about how to write a book but I latched on to the idea of writing a book and once I had that in my mind, I just had to figure out how to do it.

I was a little hesitant about publishing anything for a long time. As far as my writing grew and changed, so did my fear of putting it out into the world without giving myself some level of protection. I didn’t want to be “that” writer who put everything out there without some kind of safety net. I also had a negative association with published authors, especially if they were famous. I felt it would take away that mystery and add nothing but pressure to what I was doing. One day I realized this “fear” was limiting me and that it was holding me back. But I didn’t completely get over my fear until years later when I published my first book. It was a rough ride at first, learning how to market an author’s work without being a “pushy,” sales-oriented person, something none of my family or friends had ever been.

To help with marketing, I started doing book signings and online ads for myself but it didn’t work out. I also did a lot of my own advertising mostly by word of mouth. I had to keep pushing myself to do a lot of it and I also had to make it fun for myself to do so or else I would feel like giving up.

I loved the idea of writing and thought about it on and off all through high school and college but never really committed myself until later. My first book, “Dream of Rainbows” was a children’s book. It inspired kids to know more about a rainbow and the book was in the format of a poem – at the beginning of its creation. It was later changed to a story-based poem that teaches kids to believe in themselves and their dreams. It took me a long time to write that first book even though it was meant for children and I was still trying to figure out how to write a book about something so important as looking at a rainbow from a kid’s perspective.

I wrote short stories as well and tried writing screenplays, mainly because I loved movies. 

Unfortunately, there were so many people trying to get jobs in the movie industry and also trying out for roles in movies that it was almost impossible just to get noticed. 

By creating this blog and website “Morning Tide – The World’s Most Inspiring Blog”, I wish to write inspirational stuff that will resonate in the minds of the audience. I want to also inspire readers by writing something that encourages them to do their best in what they are interested in.

Art: I contemplate on the most beautiful and inspiring works of art. Seeing stunning wallpapers on my computer desktop or illustrations on the Pinterest website invokes in me beautiful thoughts and ideas.

Nature: Inspiration flows to me as I watch the uplifting scenes of nature like sun rise, rainbows, rain etc. I also carry a notebook with me for recording sudden inspirations.

Music: Relaxation music with a blend nature sounds like birds chirping, waterfalls, beach, rain forest etc. plays a vital role in influencing me.

Books: Inspirational books from thought leaders like Robin Sharma and Paulo Coelho have changed my life and motivated me to write.

Dreams: Dreams inspire me greatly. I wrote my first book “Dream of Rainbows” based on my dreams. It allowed me to see things that are wonderful and which I would never see in my real life.

Life is a miracle. In spite of hurdles and things that make us sad, we must always strive to discover new ideas everyday.

As Henry David Thoreau said “The world is but a canvas of my imagination”, my heart says that inspiration that inspiration is the most important resource we have. And as Emerson said “The first wealth is health” and I believe it’s true that the first and best wealth is our imagination, the only limit to our capacity to be well is that which we place on ourselves. Given these truths, we need to rethink how we spend our time each day. One of the greatest and most special gift that I will give to this world. This means that we need to create time for it and if you already had that time please don’t spend it on TV, browsing social media (or whatever your favourite pass time is). If you’re that busy and you don’t have any inspiration at all don’t worry just read these words: ‘Breath in. Breath out. Your mind is a vast, beautiful space.’ And my favourite: “In three words I can sum up everything I learned about life…It goes on. one of the greatest and most special gift that I will give to this world..”